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Steve Markle wrote/directed the Sundance doc Camp Hollywood. Watch more.

Steve Markle exposes his dreams in Inside Steve’s Mind. Watch more.

Meet Steve Markle’s alter ego, legendary rocker Slim Mackerel. Watch more.

Steve Markle plays life coach Frank McDougall in Frank & Friends. Watch more.

Steve Markle plays a New Age music therapist in Men Who Sing. Watch more.

Steve Markle stars in the FX comedy series Testees. Watch more.

Steve Markle performs at the Hotel Café in Hollywood. Watch more.

The reader, however prepared he may be for a long leisurely perusal, is not of a mind to spend a first chapter pruning a family tree?
He expects a book to catch his interest right away if it doesnt, its the easiest thing in the world for him to reach for another.
The first chapter sells the book, Mickey Spillane says.